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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dressing Room Makeover Revealed

When we moved into our abode, we decided we would make the smallest bedroom in our house into my own personal dressing room. HOW EXCITING! However, similar to the study, I just threw my stuff in there and walked away. Every time I had to get dressed I would throw a fit because my clothes, makeup and accessories were in dusty piles everywhere. Each time Eric suggested I clean it out, I would think about it and  then become too overwhelmed to even consider sorting through my sock pile, let alone the rest of what was stored behind that old white door. Years later, I finally gathered the courage to clean out my dressing room. Eric helped me organize it, and here it is in its mostly finished form. It needs some work, but it's about 1,000 times  better than it was when we started. Here are some before pictures, for reference. 

What we did:
-Cleaned and organized
-Repainted the room from a horrible green color to this soft gray (Sherwin William's Passive)
-Bought a rug
-Bought and installed that metal contraption to hang my clothes (that's not exactly what we bought -- it may only be available in stores, but the link should give you an idea)
-We organized the closet within the closet (behind the door pictured above) with a tall, narrow dresser we already had and some bins to hold things like socks and tights
-Added some accessories like this chair (don't tell anyone  it's a fake!) and pillow
-We had the bookshelf already -- it was an Ikea purchase that Eric made years ago, so we laid it down sideways and that's where I put my jewelry 
-Underneath (not pictured) we put bins purchased from the the Container Store in each cubby/shelf
-We bought the little end table, bust and nail polish jar at Hobby Lobby

**Not pictured: the closet in our bedroom. Dun dun dun ...

There you have it!


  1. It looks amazing! Like a boutique!

  2. This is awesome! I'm going to talk to Chris about doing this at our place because I have "a room" just like yours and it needs to be fixed!!

    1. Thanks, Lady! It makes SUCH a difference when I'm getting dressed in the morning -- I can SEE all of my options in front of me!

  3. This is beautiful! I'm so jealous

    1. If it makes any difference at all, the rest of my house is literally falling over! No, really! Also, if this is the Emily I think it is, CONGRATULATIONS!